Review: Manu Crook$ Is Holding It Down For His Day Ones With New EP "Mood Forever"

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DOPECAUSEWESAID has always had a special relationship with the Land Down Under, and all of the artists coming out of the Commonwealth Country are consistently killing it. Manu Crook$ is an emerging hip-hop artist based out of Sydney and is no exception, his music making international crossovers and racking up millions of views and plays on the internet. 

Crook$'s new 6-track EP "Mood Forever" is definitely something special with features from Miracle, DOPAM!NE and JOY. Every track on this project contains excellent production, hard-hitting beats and note worthy lyrics. His vocals remind us a little of Travis Scott or Migos, and his music incorporates many aspects and characteristics from the modern rap and hip-hop game. The coinciding music videos for "Mood Forever" are equally as impressive, remaining consistent with the high quality production and attention to detail.

The first track on Manu's new EP is titled "Day Ones", a fast-paced song that talks about holding it down for the people who stuck with you from the jump. The underlying melody is catchy, repetitive and ensures a spot in your head for the next day or two, a promising track to open up with.

"Touchdown" feat. JOY and "Under Pressure" are the second and third tracks on "Mood Forever", two slower songs that seem to have more of an ominous and dark feel attached to them. The vibe continues to remain chilled out with the fourth track "Ridin'", a bass-heavy track with an extremely melodic chorus. Manu really shows off his vocal ability in this one, and his diversity is shining bright with intricate runs and high notes.

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Crook$ finished off the EP with the last two songs he titled "Romeo" and "All The Way", two autotune heavy tracks that portray ad-libs and backing vocals that seem distant and drowned out with reverb, but it works. 

Overall, this project was extremely high quality and a pleasure to listen to, so you can go ahead and consider us Manu Crook$'s newest fans. 

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