Review: "Nasir" by Nas

Nas - Nasir.jpg

When the legendary lyricism of Nas is combined with the legendary production of Kanye West, two things are bound to happen: the fans are going to go crazy for the hype, and everyone is going to be waiting for the release. This is why instead of a an ordinary release, Nasir, the latest album from Nas, got it’s debut in the form of a listening party in Queensbridge Park on June 14th, with Mass Appeal’s YouTube Channel handling the livstream of the album’s debut. The album cover art was also revealed online, with the cover displaying a black & white image of five black boys standing against a brick wall with their hands up. Those who missed the live stream can still catch the link to watch the archived video of the event. 

This is what fans who are curious about the album can expect from the live stream: both Kanye and Nas doing what they do best, and doing it extremely well! Kanye West was quoted saying that he “felt like a teenager” working on the album. After listening to the production on the album, it’s easy to tell that a lot of love for his craft came from Kanye on this album, with Kanye being in rare form with strong production that is reminiscent of his older style while still being some of the best instrumentals released by him recently. Whether it’s the Slick Rick sample used “Cops” or the laid back smoothness of “Adam & Eve” and “Bonjour”, each instrumental on the album showcases Kanye’s talent as a producer, while also complimenting the style of flow of Nas perfectly. 

Nas’ lyrical content, ability to tell a vivid story with his lyrics, and classic flow are in rare form as well. As one of hip hop’s most prolific storytellers, each track is filled Nas’ signature style hard hitting bars that come together to paint a picture while delivering his message. While there are not many guest features on the album, appearances from 070 Shake, Kanye West, and The- Dream are welcome and excellent additions to the album. 

Fans who have been hyped for this album will be happy to know that this album is everything we have expected plus more. While not the typical summertime hit, it’s an album that we have been in need for lately. With Nas and Kanye both doing what they do best, this album is sure to please the fans and stay on repeat for a long time after you listen for the first time!