Review: "N.$.D" Compilation Album by $ammy J

Sammy J - NSD.jpeg

$ammy J is a dope music producer out of Visalia, California who did something that I wish more producers would do. He put together a compilation album entitled “N.$.D” that is completely produced by him and found talented emcees to rap over his beats. The only mainstream producers doing this now seem to be DJ Khaled and 9th Wonder. I feel that a project like this does a better job of showcasing the producer’s ability as opposed to a beat tape.

From the very beginning of N.$.D”, it’s clear that $ammy J is good at what he does. The intro track is not only wavy, but it utilizes a dope sample and unique sound effects. I could listen to it on a loop for 5 to 10 minutes.

There is a myriad of different sounds in this project. There are bangers, calm tracks, jazzy tracks and much more. The project is full of boom-bap and jazzy loops which gives it a hip-hop feel. I personally appreciate production like this because it’s much more musical than many of the simple trap beats that are currently popular. The other thing about musical beats, in my opinion, is that they make it easier for the artists to write to them. The beats on this project create a mood and a tone which helps to guide the artist.

$ammy J did an excellent job of putting worthy artists on these tracks. The artists and the beats that they are on do a good job of complimenting each other. An example of this is the track “Coolie High” featuring XAVR and Jaaant. Both of these artists utilize a flow that compliments the jazzy beat behind them.

I thoroughly enjoyed “N.$.D” as a whole; however, I’d have to say my favorite songs are “Love from Japan/Copperfield” featuring Austin Green and Ayirose and “Starting Over” featuring Verb Wayz. I caught myself nodding my head for the entire “Copperfield” section of “Love from Japan/Copperfield”, and “Starting Over” has such beautiful singing over some insanely dope saxophones.

Overall, I love this project for its production as well as the many dope emcees that make appearances throughout it. “N.$.D” has the potential to make a name for $ammy J as well as the artists he featured.

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