Review: AdELA's "Dreamers & Thinkers" EP

D&T Artwork.jpg

We've got our hands on AdELA's newly released EP "Dreamers & Thinkers", and we are digging the wide variety of big-name rappers and underlying themes. "Dreamers & Thinkers" contains a fair mixture of messages regarding romance, politics and remaining an independent female boss who opts to do her own thing. The multi-talented AdELA even managed to recruit some impressive features on this project such as Fat Joe, the CEO of Terror Squad and creator of "Lean Back", one of the most memorable tracks from 2009. Her sweet and ambient vocals are a perfect contrast to the majority of rappers that are intertwined throughout the 6-track project, and she even impresses her listeners by spitting a few bars herself. 

The first track is titled "So Much More" and features Torae and Kid Vishis, wasting no time in delving into America's current social issues surrounding police brutality and racism. Regardless of your stance on the issue, this track bumps and was a solid choice to open the project with. "Crown" is the second track featuring Royce Da 5'9 and Jon Connor, shifting the mood with a more uplifting and light-hearted message -- no one is going to take my crown. In this track, AdELA makes it clear that music is her forte and she is going to keep working at it until she's at the top of the game.


Romance comes into the picture with the third song "Love For You", a track that puts us in a time machine and sends us back to the late 90's. The beat definitely has an old school vibe to it, and the chorus reminds us of a Spice Girls song with the underlying harmonizing vocals and melody. 

The next two tracks "Only You" feat. Fat Joe and "Gangster and a Gentleman" feat. Clemm Rishad and Cormega follow similar themes of love, loyalty and holding it down for the right one. Both tracks are of a slower disposition but have hard hitting lyrics and a strong vocal presence. Sandwiching two softer and romanticized tracks in the middle of heavy and aggressive ones was a good move on AdELA and her producer's part, creating an ombre dynamic that brings you on a rollercoaster of emotions all while keeping your interest.

The last track "Main Attraction" feat. Kool G Rap has to be one of our favorites with AdELA immediately going in hard with a few bars, followed shortly by a classic record scratch in the chorus that fits into the aesthetic perfectly. The fast-paced track proved to be a good closer and left the listener wanting more. 

"Dreamers & Thinkers" is AdELA's best release to date, and we think it's going to put her on the map in a big way. 

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