Review: Light Treasons' "Fortunes" Album

Fortunes starts off with an instrumental piece, “The Fates,” which sets a dark, somber tone for the rest of the album—it’s an interesting piece, though once the second track, “The Gravedigger,” begins, you start to hear Light Treasons’ true style come through.

Light Treasons has a sound that we’ve heard for decades—beginning with groups like Coheed and Cambria in the 90s and picking up speed and popularity through the aughts with groups like Fall Out Boy.

Fortunes continues in this fashion, exhibiting Light Treasons’ musical chops—the guitar riffs are catchy, high-energy, the vocals are pitch-perfect, fuzzy bass drives everything forward, and the drums are almost melodic themselves, seeming to sing out with every track.

With Fortunes, Light Treasons are not pushing the limits of their genre—but they are delivering a high-quality album that nostalgic alternative and pop punk fans may crave.

If they continue to explore their sound, perhaps introducing more of the atmosphere that they exhibited in the first track of Fortunes, they may begin to venture out into new territory in their next releases. For now, we just know that they are here, they’ve got skills and have mastered a style we’ve been hearing for more than 20 years. 

When Light Treasons decides to move past that style, to destroy what came before them, things might start to get really interesting.

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