Review: Meenindeath's "HighThoughtsNConversations" Mixtape

High Thoughts N Conversations

Meenindeath is a Miami-native rapper affiliated with the art collective Rich Old Beggar, a circle featuring art of all media of artists across the country. Making a point to emancipate himself from the idea of modern rap, meenindeath brings us “HighThoughtsNConversations” as a commentary on society, drug culture, and concepts of idealism and realism as they apply to our perception of life and death over somber, melodic, down-tempo instrumental loops.

The mixtape wastes no time introducing us to the rapper’s inner thoughts in ‘Ice Cube Defines Negativity’. Rapping over lazily undulating strums of guitar and percussive from a simple drum set, meenindeath confronting adversity, hostility, and negativity and translating those hardships into his own success.

Next up on the list of noteworthy tracks on this mixtape is ‘In The Morning’. Reintroducing the undulating melody now on a slightly muted guitar, we get a taste of exceptional wit flaunted as he freestyles about ‘musical nihilism’ and his placement in the rather materialistic and superficial soundscape of modern-day rap.

‘Possible and Impossible’ is quite possibly the most somber of all tracks on “HighThoughtsNConversations”, examining the current legal status of marijuana in America, materialism of his generation, perception of African-Americans in American culture, and the controversy we enjoy with all of these topics. The fractious lyrical content is smoothed out by a sinuous bassline coupled with a percussive backbone which creates a track with a flavor of neo-soul.

meenindeath will challenge the way you think about present-day rap music and deliver it to you with beautifully produced melodies and complex lyrics equipped with sharp wit. He’s definitely an artist to follow over the next coming years.

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