Review: Riley Writtens' "FIF" EP

Riley Writtens album.jpg

I can picture it—his minding wandering in the back of a cab, before hopping out and forgetting his phone on the seat. This is the event that birthed Brooklyn rapper Riley Written’s 5-track EP "FIF". With "FIF", Writtens had to start anew when the content for his original project disappeared right along with his phone. "FIF" as a title seems to represent expressing what you can until you can’t say anymore. 

“Fif Floo’” is the opening track of the EP, and for the first minute and 39 seconds Writtens is spitting game to this girl on the fifth floor. He references his rap goals, the girl’s “Baduism,” and the movie Love Jones in a cool way. At one point rapping, “focusing this lifetime with a pocket full of these rhymes.”  He let’s the instrumental play out for a minute before hopping back on and changing direction a bit. Here is where he explains how this is more than just trying to holla. He expresses his plights to her and tries to show what kind of person he is. “My words carry stench, I been writing with lighter,” are standout lyrics that come towards the end of the cut.

Weird n***a but I’m nice with the adjectives,” raps Writtens on “Say No More.” “Say No More” is meant for people who talk but don’t walk. Writtens doesn’t have time for people or situations like that. Being nice with the adjectives and fending for himself helps him block those things out.

Riley Writtens.jpg

“Where My Phone Go” finds Writtens letting listeners know what led to that cab ride in a symbolic way. He raps about the stresses of life on the first verse, and the things he’s not missing about his phone (like social media) on the second one. “Life’s a bad b***h with thighs and an attitude” raps Writtens on the track. 

“Stolen Milk” the only track on the EP not produced by June Blaze. On the El-produced track seems to be rapping about things that have become clear to him over time. For example, he appreciates repeats more than reposts. "FIF" closes out with “Would You Listen,” an interlude. Ultimately "FIF" is good; however, Writtens not fully utilizing the instrumentals on his tracks is frustrating. Listen to the EP below.