Review: Drew Vision's "Shades Of Summer" EP

Drew Vision - Shades of Summer.jpeg

I like my RnB like I like my Hennessy: smooth, refreshing, it properly places me in my feelings, and inspires me to practice producing offspring.  Drew Vision’s “Shades of Summer” fits the criteria entirely.  

On the first track “No Do Over’s” against ominous strings, and a back handing snare Drew atones for the impropriety in his relationship. He describes losing his soul to instant gratification, and the anguish of seeing his significant other with somebody else.  If you close your eyes and listen to Drew belt stunning ad libs over a perfectly placed guitar solo; you can actually picture the video director shooting the “rise and fall of the relationship montage” on this particular part of the song.

On the percussion filled “Want Em All” the crooner details tastefully like a kid in a “Ben & Jerry’s Store” all the different types of women that he wants to “court.”  Any individuals who have witnessed woman in these sun dresses, and other form fitting clothing on hot summer nights can relate to this song. The hook is simple, habit forming, and perfect.   

Mr. Vision on the song “Feel this Way” helms dynamic production, and illustrates the classic man meets woman, and man loses it physically, mentally and financially.   The breakdown is just genius. Of course it is. It’s the standard that RnB enthusiasts expect from a Bryan Michael Cox executive produced project.  Few artists can hold their own against the legendary producers work.  Drew Vision is in that minority.


On tracks like “I Give Good Love” and “Deep Water” it’s reasonable to believe that a certain sample of the population will be placing their unmentionables on the floor or entertaining that thought when encountering these two offering.  They are both well executed passionate pleas for intimacy with the artist guaranteeing satisfaction.  

“Shades of Summer” is a strong project. The five song EP is an exercise in quality over quantity that leaves little to be desired. Except the desire for more from Drew Vision.

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