Review: "Pat Knox" EP by Pat Knox

Pat Knox EP.jpg

Pat Knox is a hip-hop artist out of Los Angeles who has a sound that is comparable to both Ty Dolla $ign and Post Malone. His music contains a mixture of autotune singing as well as rapping. Knox has recently released his self-titled, debut EP, “Pat Knox”.

In 2019, there’s a plethora of artists who are trying to ride the new wave of sing-songy rap. I must admit, a lot of them fail whether it be because they don’t know how to effectively use autotune, because their production is lacking, or because they simply can’t rap. I believe that Knox has the ability to sing even without the autotune. This makes for smooth vocals once the effects are added. Knox also shows that he is able to rap as well as he can sing which makes him a well rounded artist.

The intro, “Business” gives the listener a good idea of what to expect for the rest of the project: autotuned singing, catchy hooks, dope production, and above average rapping. Following this track is the song “Bet Not”, which I personally enjoy a ton. It has amazing singing and a beautifully layered hook. It’s clear that the production was well put together. (Shout out to Connor Bush on production and Zak Lloyd on keys). Also, I’m a hip-hop head at heart, so the rap verses added a lot to the overall song for me and gave me another reason to respect Knox.

Now to the song “Mojave”. The hook on this song is incredibly hard but the bars are even harder. This song is my personal favorite because I could literally listen to the hook on repeat and the rapping is superb. This track really showcases all of Knox’s skills. Not only can he both sing and rap, but he can do both at a high level. Knox also shows his ability to slow things down a bit on the song “Fake Wings”. I would consider this song the ballad of the album. The lyrics are deep and there is a lot of emotion in his voice.

The song “Living in Color” catches the listeners ear from the very beginning with a unique/wavy beat. (Shout out Weston Wilson on Guitar) This entire track is a vibe. This is a song that causes you to move even if you don’t want to. Knox counts “1-2-3” during the build up right before the drop which makes it easy to visualize this song being played in a club.

The project finishes with “Lotus”. Knox shows once again that he’s got a beautiful singing voice as he sings over an extremely unique beat. He also, once again, shows that he’s got the ability to seamlessly switch from singing to hard rapping.

Overall this is one of the more impressive EPs I’ve heard in 2019. Knox has seemed to find his own sound and he knows how to maximize his many talents. I can’t wait to hear what his first full length album will sound like.

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