Review: "Perception" Album by Caesar Gorgeous

Caesar Gorgeous- Perception review.jpg

“Perception” is the debut album of singer, rapper and producer Caesar Gorgeous, out of Chicago. This project is a moody wave right from the beginning to the end, making it the perfect work to just chill, travel or ride a buzz to. This project bolsters a cinematic array of beats that channel a celestial feel and make you think. Dark and moody with a slight peek in the middle, the album’s songs effortlessly blend together for a consistent feeling which is rare to find these days. I think Gorgeous’ use of auto tune, distortion and minimal lyrics read as a mix of G-Eazy meets PARTYNEXTDOOR.

Another interesting thing about this project is the mix of actual songs with lyrics and instrumentals. The style is blended together so well that you don’t even realize two songs have passed until you hear a different style of lyric, which actually further invites you into the sound instead of taking you out of it. This move keeps the somber mood and really shows of his production talent. The stand out songs of this project were “Four Walls”, “Ego”, “Overdue” and “Cars”.

“Four Walls” speaks to the self-medication we can all sometimes take part in when met with challenges. With a cool digitized sound and a mixture of singing and rapping, the listener steps into a world where you can be your own biggest obstacle.

“Ego” is another mellow and deep tune that contribute to his nu emo sound, but this time comes at you with a more upbeat approach featuring big bass and lyrics about knowing your worth. The track goes through several unexpected beat changes making it real head bobber.

“Overdue” is easily a contender for best track off the album. This track is one of the most lyrical on the album and the most relatable, singing of a love that should have happened a long time -we’ve all been there.

“Cars” is an exciting track because it’s that one come up track that every rapper has, all about the fancy things we want to afford and taking care of mama. It’s always interesting to see how a rapper takes those tropes of rap culture and makes it their own and how they change or stay the same when they put out that “I made it” track.

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