Review: "Percival" EP by Loudy Brown

Loudy Brown - Percival EP.jpeg

Loudy Brown is an up and coming rap artist who has been grinding in 2019 and has recently released a three track EP titled “Percival”.

Being an artist myself, I know the difficulty that comes with trying to balance finding your own, unique sound while also getting people to accept you as an artist. That being said, I feel that Brown has found a way to do this. Autotune has become extremely popular in Hip-Hop over the last decade, and one could argue that it’s difficult to make a hit without using any at all. Brown utilizes autotune but he makes it his own with his deep voice, unique flows and meaningful lyrics. If I had to compare him to any mainstream artists, I would say he’s similar to Travis Scott and/or Jaden Smith.

I think that these three tracks are a good way to introduce yourself to Loudy Brown. It’s a short 8 minutes but it gives you a nice preview of his sound and style. Each track showcases a different flow and melody. There is a myriad of subjects touched throughout the three songs instead of just the basic topics of women and money.

I like the production selection for the project. The beats definitely stand out to me because they distinguish themselves from a lot of the simple trap beats that have become popular as of late.

My personal favorite track on the EP is “The Last Song”. The beat is extremely dope and Brown’s vocals are almost hypnotic throughout. Brown showcases diversity as he both sings and raps on the track.

Overall, I feel that “Percival” was short, sweet and effective. It is a perfect way to introduce Brown’s music to new listeners. I’d like to see how Brown improves and evolves over the next year or two.

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