Review: "Prologue" by David Mark Bulley

Earlier this year, DOPECAUSEWESAID featured a music video release from singer-songwriter David Mark Bulley titled, "Where Do We Go From Here". As expected, David has not been sleeping on us. June 9 will see the release of the singer's brand new EP Prologue, and 11 track offering where he tells his personal story though the art of music. We had the privilege of getting an exclusive listen to the project, and we promise you will not be disappointed. 

David Mark Bulley is a London based singer-songwriter who is ready to take on the world with his powerful, emotive music. Not only does he have a beautiful musicality, but he has an excellent creative eye and strives for perfection. While David is a UK based artist, he has also accumulated a strong following in Poland, France and Japan. The release of the ‘Where Do We Go From Here’ music video received support from a number of music blogs from across the world including America, Australia and Germany. In fact, David received his very first Australian airplay this year which is soon to be followed by airplay in the UK.

Although we can go on about David's accomplishments all day, let's dive into the logistics of his new EP Prologue. The first track eases the listener into what proves to be a very diverse project with an ambient and almost mysterious instrumental titled Interlude: Prologue. As we listened on, the third song Kaleidoscope stood out due to the soft, sincere and longing overall tone of the track. While it isn't the only slow and sentimental tune of the bunch, the album does have quite a bit of up-beat and faster paced songs. Kaleidoscope displays the great deal of variety the singer is able to portray in his voice with his ability to jump from one style to the next.

The UK based musician wraps Prologue up perfectly with an inspirational pop-esque track titled Lions, leaving the listener satisfied and inspired. It was hard to choose which track we liked best, as they were all unique and well thought out in their own respective ways. Throughout the EP, David's voice is simultaneously powerful and smooth, and it was definitely a pleasure listening to these 11 tracks. It is clear to see David put in time and effort towards his vision, and that is something we can definitely respect. We have no doubt this artist will continue to pump out the brilliant work and can't wait to see where his music will take him in the future.

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