Review: "Servings" Album by RJ Bagger

Rj Bagger - Servings.jpg

Female emcee RJ Bagger, born in Panama and raised in Flatbush, Brooklyn has dropped her new album “Servings”. The project is a breath of fresh air to those who truly appreciate the art of rapping and the skill of lyricism.

From the very beginning of the album, I instantly began comparing RJ to the North Carolina rapper, Rapsody. In my opinion, Rapsody is the best female rapper in the game by far and one of the best rappers period. This is because of her lyrical ability, flow variation and tone control. RJ is cut from the same cloth. Similar to Rapsody, she’s not just “a dope female rapper”, but a dope rapper period. Lyrically speaking, there are few rappers I’ve heard as talented as RJ.

Lines in the intro, “Can I Get Uh”, such as “Peel off in the whip, my sh*t bananas” and “2 piece on your biscuit, when I hit then your gravy gon leak” had my eyebrows raising from the very first track. There were even certain lines that made my physically laugh and smile when I caught their meanings.

This album is extremely well put together. It features production that ranges from simple piano trap to boom bap. RJ wastes no lines as almost all of them contain a witty observation, a unique rhyme or a creative metaphor.

“Servings” is unique because it has mass appeal. The album has songs that could easily fit in today’s radio rotations, and it also has songs that would tingle the ears of hip-hop snobs like myself. The more I listened the more I was impressed. While this project is full of bars, it also has catchy hooks to help bridge the verses together. RJ shows even more talent in her ability to sing some of her own hooks.

My personal favorite song is “Connect”. RJ spits confidently over a hard beat. While this is my favorite, there are several other songs that I played several times. “Jet Jackson” and “Fiji Water” also have extremely hard beats and captivating rapping.

I can’t lie, I more than enjoyed this album. It’s one of the best rap projects I’ve heard from an indie artist in a very long time. I definitely would consider myself an RJ Bagger fan and I’m excited to see what she comes up with next.

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