Review: Solange's "A Seat At The Table"

Solange Knowles has effortlessly captured our ears with her thought provoking new album. "A Seat At The Table" was released this past Friday and Solange took the internet by storm. The album’s graceful vocal harmonizing and melodic sound is reminiscent of her previous EP True. Solange’s use of candid language, yet engraved with a poetic touch, on profound topics such as the current social issues plaguing the black community invites you to understand her firm stance with the culture.

“Rise” is a gracious introduction of what is to come on the album. Reminding us to allow ourselves to be broken, so that we can rebuild and rise. True to her artistry, she sings with her signature softness on “Weary” that convinces us that we are just as human as a king, so therefore we all deserve to belong. “Borderline (An Ode to Self Care)” featuring the iconic Q- Tip sends you on an intended groove and is a cool break from the subtle heaviness of the album.

Deciphering the legend behind the distinctive New Orleans accent imparting wisdom and history on the album was not a task because it was none other than Master P. We are also privileged to learn insight about Solange’s lineage from her parents. The well thought out album from start to finish relays the message of cultural integrity, appreciating where you come from and how it shapes who you are, self-confidence and self-love. We are glad Solange does not have any plans on compromising her artistry because we need her refreshing sound mixed with her fearless expressions. This could possibly be one of the best albums of the year! 

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