Review: "Stay You Until the End" Album by Li$o

Liso - Stay You Until the End.jpeg

Li$o is an artist out of Shreveport, LA who draws influence from artists such as Lil Peep, Juice Wrld and Lil Wayne. He prides himself in differentiating himself from the rest of the artists in his genre.

His voice and choice of production help to separate him from a lot of today’s artists. Instead of too much autotune and rapping about the same old topics, Li$o uses a unique effect on his voice and raps about a myriad of themes. His latest project is an album titled “Stay You Until the End”.

This album is clearly themed around love. Li$o does a good job of creating a variety of different moods throughout the project. Some of the production is basic trap, while other tracks are more slow, melodic and musical. There are several samples utilized in the project which also add to the overall theme and to the musicality of the project. While Li$o’s sound is pretty unique, if I had to compare this project’s sound to some current artists, I would say Trippie Redd and XXXtentacion.

Li$o’s voice lends itself well to the theme of the project. It’s deep and raspy. For the slower tracks, his voice helps to really bring out the emotion of the lyrics. On the other hand, for the more upbeat songs, the effect that he uses on his voice helps to make the song more hype and give it more of a mainstream appeal.

My personal favorite tracks on the project are “Eden of the East”, “Us being together, perfect” and “Fate Stay Night”. “Fate Stay Night” is beautiful as it has a slow and somber pace with a sad mood/tone. The production contains a smooth guitar loop that mixes well with Li$o’s low, lethargic tone.

I like that the album focuses on subject matter that is deeper than money, sex and drugs. Li$o attempts to dive deeper and really pour his heart and soul into these 12 songs.

My only real critique of the album is that there are times where Li$o is difficult to understand. I feel it’s important, especially for newer artists, to get their lyrics out as clearly as possible. If not, listeners will be quick to label them as a “mumble rapper”.

Overall, this is a nice project from Li$o and I hope to hear him take it to an ever higher level with his next release.

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