Review: Syn "The BlakOut EP"

First and foremost I’ve listened to a lot of “starts.” “Starts” on mp3, on compact discs, “starts” on neon yellow colored Sony Walkman’s with the foam headphone covers. (Google It) By “starts” I mean an artist or group that has not been financially backed by a major label, or isn’t nationally known.  

Syn’s "The BlakOut EP" is one of the most professional projects that I have ever heard by a new, and upcoming artist. From the creative intro that challenges the current state of Hip-Hop, and states Syn’s aspiration to be one of the all-time greats; to the world class engineering on this project.  In the hallowed history of Hip-Hop folklore it rumored that engineers in Death Row Record Studios would get assaulted for rewinding the tape “incorrectly.” Whoever “mixed down” this EP needs to be recognized. In a laptop, stereo, car, or iPhone “The BlakOut EP” plays great everywhere.  Instead of a “fade”, perhaps an Edible Arrangement, or Amazon Gift Card is in order for the engineer of this project.

The producers need to be praised as well. Every kick and snare is quantized to perfection. It’s my guess that the majority of this album is played or not sampled.  Then when I listen to it again I find myself saying is that a sample?  That is the hallmark of a seasoned producer. Instead of “song jacking“ and just throwing some drums on it, experienced beatsmiths will chop their samples. These tracks are more layered than my grandma’s banana pudding (And that ain’t no easy feat) Also, it doesn’t hurt to have Dylan Dili formally known as Dylan “I spit hot fire” the Dillinger of “Making the Band” fame bless the first track “Piece of the Pie”.  He does not disappoint. Puff Daddy might need to send him some cheesecake, and reconsider their business relationship.  Make no mistake Syn holds his own with a fast flow, “BAR” friendly, crazy cadence verse.  Rarely in the conversation of emcee prowess do the words enunciation, and pronunciation get mentioned but it’s a MUST with this artist.  I’m not going to lie “Pieces of the Pie” had me standing up like Young Joc’s hair.  

The song “BlakOut” is an underground hustler’s anthem with Syn solidifying his place in the rap game by differentiating himself from his peers.  Syn drops a much needed jewel to the industry “It’s strange how opportunity ain’t attractive as jewelry.” “Lemme Grab That” is one of the reasons I’m so high on this EP.  What New York based rappers are detailing the pursuit of the opposite sex over traditional West Coast beats?  Most West Coast wordsmiths aren’t flowing over traditional West Coast tracks.  Check out the Good Father Snoop Doggs new album on the first track “Neva Left” he’s rapping over a modified Wu-Tang C.R.E.A.M Beat.  

“The BlakOut EP” takes risks and executes.  “B.S.H & “Hold Up” are turn up joints sure to get the head rocking especially in the ride. I suffer from “Old Head Syndrome.” (See Joe Budden) I like my Timberlands brown, my pants slightly baggy, rappers vying for the top spot, and if you want me to wear one of those Lil Uzi Vert Shirts I’ll probably tell you about yourself. That being said I would really like to see Syn embrace his New York roots, and get on some D.J Premier like, Pete Rock approved, Just Blaze “ish”.  

My only criticism for “The BlakOut EP” is its length. Throw six or seven more joints on there and make an album.  Syncoe Entertainment, Mr. Chandler (Yeah I looked you up) WELL DONE!!       

Click to Stream/Download "The BlakOut EP" by Syn

Click to Stream/Download "The BlakOut EP" by Syn