Review: "The Frequency of Life" Album by SpaceJumpers

Space Jumpers album.jpg

SpaceJumpers is a Hip-Hop group from Poughkeepsie, New York consisting of four members. Nyles The Third handles lyrics and production is done by Jimmy Mack. Kisslinger and Mark Cocheo supply live instrumentation (keys and guitar) respectively. The group recently released its debut album, “The Frequency of Life”.

I must say that it’s nice to see that groups still exist. Nowadays, it seems that groups and collectives are dying, and everyone wants to be a solo star. While there is nothing wrong with this, I feel that there are very few things that beat out a well put together group.

The word that describes SpaceJumpers the best is unique. I spent several minutes trying to come up with comparisons for the group and here’s what I came up with: They have the group dynamic of Kids These Days, the lyricism of Eminem, the positivity of Logic and the sound/tone of Linkin Park.

This album has so many lovable aspects that it’s hard for me to decide where to start. Firstly, this project greatly values musicality. I’ve always said that while 808s and synths are cool, nothing compares to real instrumentation. The project is full of guitar and piano which adds so much to the overall sound. The instruments mixed in with the rest of the production allows the group to explore a myriad of different sounds and to create different moods throughout the album.

I love the way the hooks sound on several of the tracks. They are catchy, smooth and they make you feel something. I greatly enjoyed the melodies and harmonies utilized in a lot of the songs as they also added to the overall sound of the project. They also added more musicality which separates straight rap from actual songs.

I can’t finish this review without speaking on the content of the project. I was a huge fan of this album for many reasons, but the number one reason was the content. The album is positive, uplifting and clean. This makes the songs universally appealing which is great for building a fan base.

Overall, this group created a solid sounding Hip-Hop project with real instrumentation, positive content, smooth singing and dope lyricism. I’m definitely a fan of what SpaceJumpers is doing and I look forward to hearing what they do in the future.

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