Review: "The Island" by Laz

The Island EP review.JPG

Laz is an independent Hip-Hop artist out of Paris, France who is also influenced by RnB/Soul and Reggae. He is a bi-lingual artist as he can rap in both English and French which he displays in his project. Laz’s short EP “The Island” is unique, concise and smooth while it also tells a story and takes the listener on a journey to “4 leaf clover island” (a metaphor for a land made only for the rich).

It is quite clear that Laz is influenced by TDE signed artist Isaiah Rashad. He has a similar voice and even some of his production/beat choices, provided exclusively by BONI, sound similar to that of Rashad’s. At the same time, not only is Laz unique because of his ability to switch from English to French in the same song, he also utilizes unique cadences in his music. He spits with a myriad of speeds throughout the EP. The song “Flood” is 56 seconds of straight bars spit at a fast pace and then the song “Kingdom” follows with slow somber singing over a wavy beat.

Overall, the EP is dope and leaves the listener wanting to hear more from Laz. This project shows his ability to stand out in today’s overcrowded field of rappers.

“The Island” can be streamed on Spotify below and you can find more of Laz’s music on his Soundcloud page HERE.

Stream “The Island” on Spotify