Review: The PNTHN's "From Disorder" Mixtape

The PNTHN album.png

The PNTHN (pronounced The Pantheon) out of San Marco, Texas presents us with their latest mixtape “From Disorder.”  “From Disorder” is like a rhyme relay where the collective passes around the mic to deliver wordy, abstract, metaphor soaked sixteens in an attempt to win a gold medal in Hip-Hop relevance.  Quite frankly if this offering is any measure of their potential it won’t be long before they are in the winner’s circle.  Here are some key tracks.

The smooth and beautiful bass rifted “Saucy” is about the up and downs of pursuing panties, and the women that own them.  The production strolls leisurely out the audio compelling the most uptight citizen to two-step.  The hook is hella good and the reference to B.B.D Michael Bivens is a nice touch.  I loved the line “Feenin since the whitie tighties.”  On “Blood Sucka” the production sounds like the game “Super Mario Brothers” when Luigi would battle Bowser to save the princess at the end of the board (In a great way).  The emcees engage in subject rich rapid fire flows.  “Peeing on my demons on the daily” and “Lit like I resemble Camels” are two of the more stand out pieces of the verse.  


The production and rappers operate just over the speed of chopped and screwed on “Nosferatu.” There is a very well placed ode to Joey Crack himself on the song. Rappers deliver lyrics on lyrics about sex and sedatives.  “Skip School” uses a simple but super effective loop.  The rapper tells us today was a good day being that he has money, and ambition to work for the finer things in life.  “Acting all shy like he grew up in the Windy City” was a great line.  “Sun Collapse” induces a hallucinogenic nod with its AMC movie style sample.  Like Swiss movement, the members of The PNTHN recite complex, captivating rhymes like ”I’m heavily handling equity/Damn this is fun/Damaging funds.

“Never Die” is my favorite song on the album.  The slow motion, melodic moog style sound complimented by twinkling bells is fantastic.  The “I’m too high“ chant fits perfectly.  The PNTHN members are so adept in the art of cadence and pronunciation that they make what seems like simple lines like “Ohhh I don’t miss her/Ohhh you prolly kissed her”; lyrics that you want to recite multiple times.

“From Disorder” is so download worthy.  Not just because you have artists lyrically going for broke from song to song.  Not just because the production was unorthodox, creative and authentic.  It’s that “From Disorder” gives you auditory overload.  It’s the high vocabulary, the coded language, and the delivery of it all.  It’s almost like The PNTHN procured their strain of choice, rolled it in a Thesaurus, and hit the studio. Great Job.