Review: "The WIZRD" by Future

Future - The Wizrd review.jpg

Nayvadius Wilburn, aka Future, is so intriguing to me. Somehow this man has found the perfect formula. I must start by saying that while I enjoy listening to Future’s music occasionally (and I love all of his features) I don’t really consider myself a fan of his. That being said, his latest album made me feel a couple different ways.

If I was asked to explain what this album sounds like I would simply say that it sounds like a Future album. The production is trappy and dope, the hooks are catchy and wavy, the content is what I am used to hearing from him (drugs, women, money) and the features work well with his sound (Travis Scott, Thug, etc.). As of right now it appears that the album is going to sell close to 150K first week.

While the album is good sonically, I feel that Future’s status and his past music are the reasons why this project is selling so well. Future albums seem to be made with a cookie cutter. They are all so similar sounding with such similar content that it almost feels like you could put all of Future’s music into one super album. While this is slightly annoying, it’s also somewhat genius. Typically, fans of an artist get bored and are constantly challenging them to evolve and bring them something fresh and new. Future seems to have captured what very few current artists have (examples are Drake, maybe Wiz Khalifa) which is the ability to recreate the same sounding music over and over and over again while still maintaining support from the fans and the culture.

While I’ve said this album reminds me of most of Future’s past music, I will say that the production sounds a bit better than usual. There are some beats that really bump and would definitely do well in the club environment. He also has some tracks where he appears to experiment a bit. Maybe he plans on finally changing up his sound in the future. My personal favorites are “Temptation”, because it is a unique sounding record because of the samples and harmonies and “First Off”, because Travis Scott kills his feature and sounds excellent with Future. Overall, the album is dope and exactly what fans of Future like to hear from him.

While I can’t say that this album is better than Future’s best: “Dirty Sprite 2”, it is slightly more captivating and listenable than some of his other projects.

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