Review: ZØYA's Veracious Heart EP

Although ZØYA’s 5-track EP "Veracious Heart" was made with good intentions and has a positive message it doesn’t quite hit the target. Throughout "Veracious Heart" the Columbus, Ohio-based singer sings about certain aspects of her life dismantling and how she fought her way back to happiness. 

She starts things with “I Still Believe” where she’s backed by percussion and piano-driven production. “I Still Believe” finds ZØYA battling her demons and trying to move on, it’s a process after all. She finds comfort in knowing that she is not alone and will soon feel free. ZØYA’s vocals on this track are strong but the production steals the show at times. “I Still Believe” is followed by “Falling Apart,” which precedes “I Still Believe” story wise. “Falling Apart” is about the ZØYA who didn’t fully believe because everything was crumbling around her; here she asks to be kept complete while she going through this. She may be asking a person or personifying her veracious heart. Like “I Still Believe” the production is strong; however, her vocals are not over over powered this time with its ballad-like presence. “Chaos In My Head” is the third track that let listeners in on what led ZØYA to “Falling Apart”; the overthinking, the worrying, the chasing. “When Fire Melts” follows and continues the theme of ZØYA’s powerful, yet at times dramatic, vocal approach (Think Celine Dion or Madonna). Her last track is a Colin Youngwall remix of “Falling Apart,” which may prompt you to get up and move.

Ultimately, "Veracious Heart" is a good listen, listen to it below.  

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