Saba Has A 'Bucket List Project', And Now I Do Too

Chicago rapper Saba dropped his Bucket List Project back in October. And the 13-track studio effort is about more than things people want to do before they die, it’s about living while you’re alive. Throughout the project Saba details what he has lived through both good and bad as he raps with conviction over some soulfully eclectic instrumentals, some of those instrumentals  co-produced by Saba himself.  The project and its tracks have inspired me to create a bucket list of my own. Each item on my list is related to a track on the project. Check out my bucket list and brief descriptions of the tracks that inspired it below.

Saba begins Bucket List Project with the track “In Loving Memory,” which prompts listeners to reflect on their lives and wonder how others will memorialize them. Saba approaches the almost 2 minute track with a beautifully executed spoken word styled verse, which is followed up by thought-provoking hook: “When I'm dead, and I'm gone/Would you smile, ‘cause you know/Where I've been, and gone?/When you're dead, and you're gone/Would I smile, ‘cause I know/Where you've been?.”

1. To create something that represents a profound moment or person in my life in an abstract way. 

Saba’s  track “Stoney,” featuring Phoelix and BJRKNC finds him detailing both his pre-car and post-car life. Saba raps when his admiration for cars began, developed, and the dedication to his own car with imagery-packed bars. At times making reference to the Chicago Transit Authority and some of his favorite bucket moments. The track isn’t about bolstering however, for Saba it’s about being proud of an accomplishment.   

2. To have my own car and stay true to my speed-demon ways

He links with Twista on “GPS,” a track that has somewhat of a “Where’s The Love” feel as it delves into dehumanization of humanity and how surroundings have contributed it. The track also takes a look at skewed perspectives.

3. Travel to the Mecca

The smooth Cam O’bi-produced  “Church/Liquor Store” featuring Noname follows with vividly moving bars. Bars that detail Chicago’s landscape, its residents, and its history.

4. Some people find peace in a church, some find it at the bottom of bottle. My peace is somewhere south of the equator, I want to live there      

Saba’s hails from Westside Chicago and “Westside Bound 3” pays tribute to his hood. The songs bumps and can be addictive. Saba links with Joseph Chilliams on this one adds something nice to it.

5. Go to Chicago

“MOST” is a reminder that most people just want simple things like safety, peace, and security.

6. See Chance The Rapper live every year of my 20s

On “Symmetry” Saba raps about finding his symmetric soul over the Ken Ross-produced beat.

7. Be aligned

“Photosynthesis” featuring Jean Deaux is simply everything, can’t even describe it. Listen to it below.

8. Witness something as beautiful as this song

“The Billy Williams Story” is a song that I’ve had on repeat for awhile because of its entrancing production and Saba’s bars.

9. Meet Pharrell Williams

“Bucket List” is the track where Saba envisions everything he’ll do in the future. Matthew lends some vocals to make the cut more heavenly. 

10. Do everything on this list

“American Hypnosis” is something you should describe for yourself. Once you listen, you’ll understand why.  

11. Stop hoping. Stop dreaming. Create realities.

“California” is demonstrative of Saba’s growth and experience in both the industry and in life.

12. Go on a road trip to California

"World In My Hands” makes listeners feel the opposite of how having the world on their shoulders does.

13. Feel free

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