San Antonio's Dria E Discusses Her New Single "Torn" And Her Musical Goals For 2017

We connected with Dria E, a San Antonio based rap artist who just dropped a DOPE new single entitled "Torn", featuring RatchetAssWooda. Check out our exclusive Q&A with this very talented artist on the rise and be sure to stay tuned because she will be releasing her EP 'More Than You Know' later this year. 

You received a number of accolades in 2013 with your single "Clockwork" receiving airplay in different parts of the US, what motivated you to drop everything and take a hiatus? And what motivated your return to music? 

I stepped away from music for a while because I realized that I needed to focus more on my college education. At the time, I was determined to graduate and go to graduate school; the moment I realized this was actually when I was recording a performance for 5sur5TV.

What motivated me to return to music was my love for it. I came back to music at a time where things were really rough for me and I did not know what route my life was going in. Then I thought about the one thing that made me happy in life and I ran with it.

When someone hears your new single "Torn" for the first time, what do you want the listener to take away from it?

‘Torn’ is a song that I think everyone can relate to in any aspect of life whether it’s a relationship, work, or school for example. It’s about trying to figure out what’s best for you and how to go about it.

How did you connect with RatchetAssWooda from the Little Women: Atlanta show for an appearance on "Torn"?

I first found out about RatchetAssWooda when I saw that he was touring and had a date in San Antonio. From there, I looked up his music and when I found out that he was from the Denton area, I knew I had to have him on the song.

What are your musical goals for 2017? 

My plans include filming a video for my single ‘Torn’ really soon, releasing my album ‘More Than You Know’, perfecting my live performances, and just releasing good music to the public. Everything else will follow.

How would you say you stand out from other female rap artists like Rhapsody, Young MA, DeJ Loaf, and of course, Nicki Minaj?

All of those artists listed are great musicians and they are definitely talented. I myself, feel that I possess authenticity and I like to embrace fellow female artists. Pertaining to females in hip-hop, there has always been the urge to have the title as the ‘best female rapper’. However, I feel that as women in hip-hop, we should come together and not be afraid to pay respect to fellow female artists.

If you had to describe yourself as an artist to someone in three words, which would you choose?

Versatile, original, and determined

Tell us about the Hip-Hop scene in San Antonio; do locals support the music coming out of the city?

Since I’ve been living in San Antonio, I’ve seen plenty of artists come and tour through this city. There have also been festivals such as the Mala Luna festival that have brought popular artists to the area and I am glad to see that the city has an appreciation for the genre of hip-hop. As far as San Antonio hip-hop, there are definitely some outlets for locals to showcase their talents and Austin is always up-the-street when it comes to performances, so there’s potential for a local artist to make waves.

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