Sasha Tandon Discusses Her Latest Single "Gotta Go" And The Perks Of Being One Of Her "Tigers"

Sasha Tandon is an RnB/Pop singer-songwriter based in London whose latest single "Gotta Go" is in heavy rotation around our Dopecausewesaid office. Born and raised in Ireland, Sasha first became hooked on performing after attending a Destiny's Child concert in Belfast at the age of 8 years old. Since then, by utilizing her presence on YouTube and social media and working with Jo Perry (Stooshe/X Factors’ Only The Young), Georgie Dennis (Cheryl Cole) and production heavyweights DaBeatFreakz (Usher/Jason Derulo), Sasha has taken the UK music scene by storm and plans to release a new EP later this year. 

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If you were on a deserted island and only had access to one album, which one would you select and why?

If I could only ever listen to one album again it would be Destiny's Child album - The Writings On The Wall. It has always been my favourite album as it was the first album I purchased where I never had to skip one track... I would listen to each song the whole way through! It is definitely one of my favourite albums. 

We're really big fans of your latest single "Gotta Go". Tell us a little bit about the song; who produced it and did you handle the songwriting duties yourself? 

Thank you! It is one of my favourite songs to perform because I can really lose myself in it. The track was produced by the talented duo DaBeatFreakz who I have worked and written with before.

Was moving from Belfast to London a big adjustment for you? How are the two cities different in terms of their respective music scenes?

It was a massive adjustment! I am from a small town called Omagh which is just over an hours drive from Belfast, but I grew up always loving city life so I knew what to expect when moving to London. I used to travel over to London a lot when I was younger so I knew it was definitely somewhere I wanted to live, but actually making the big jump and moving over was quite scary to begin with. All my family were back home in Ireland so I came here with nothing knowing no one... I just had to grind on my own. I was so homesick at the start lol but I am very settled here now London is like my second home now. 

Belfast is big on their music & have a very strong live music scene which is why I have done a lot of performances, but growing up in Northern Ireland we mainly listened to what was in the charts or people were playing their rock or country music as opposed to pop, so we never really got to discover much new music over there and I struggled to find producers to work with who were comfortable with making commercial pop music. The scene is a little different over there now due to social networking which has allowed different types of music to be discovered.

Following up on the last question, has being in London sparked your songwriting creativity at all?

Absolutely. I have met so many new people and been inspired by so many different stories and experiences. I have learnt a lot and been through so much since moving here so all of the life experiences have allowed me to grow as a song writer and an artist.

What's next after "Gotta Go"? Will we be getting another single and/or an EP soon? 

Yes! I am currently planning on releasing my EP at the start of the summer... you guys need to look out for it I can't wait to drop it, its going to be hot ! This is the first complete project I will be putting out, so it is a glimpse into me as a person as well as an artist. I can't wait to get it out there!

How does someone reading this interview become a member of your "Tiger Team"? 

Anyone reading this and wanting to become a member of my Tigers I am sending you so many love heart emojis right now! lol It is simple, you have to be loyal, fierce & want to spread the love! Go onto my website and under the "Tigers" section click sign up and I will send you a free download as a welcome to the Tiger Team! I love all my Tigers, they inspire me everyday... we are like one bad ass family.

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