Seduction Has A New Name: Max Frost

Photo credit: Catie Laffoon

Most of the songs we’ve been jamming out to have become tired.  Our sexy playlists that were once filled with songs by The Weeknd, Nick Jonas, and Rihanna have grown to bore us.  It’s time for something new, something that gets our hips swaying soft and our blood running hot. It’s time to find a new beat, free from the ties of memories of crazy nights past.  We’re craving something fresh, different, novel to listen to.  Enter Max Frost.

The young musical artist (only twenty three years old) has a unique sound all his own, though he’s comparable to other experimental indie artists such as Robert DeLong, Big Data, and WE ARE TWIN.  Max has been performing for live audiences since he was only twelve and has been in multiple bands, including Joy Ride and Blues Mafia.  The Austin community rallied around him, believing him to be a promising blues guitarist, but Frost surprised them all by going solo.  He’s a singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, and, most importantly, he has an amazing sense of how to mesh different genres together to create a fusion of Electronica, Blues, RnB, and Pop.

Oh, and did we mention how adorable he is?  Because this man has definitely nailed his sex appeal.

Photo credit: Jimmy Fontaine

If you know any of Frost’s music, you’re not one of many.  You may have heard his biggest hitting single “White Lies,” for which he earned himself a record deal with Atlantic Records.  However, the quality of his music and lyrics has only increased as he’s grown up and gained more experience, and the music community is starting to take note.  His most popular song from his latest album, “Intoxication,” that is currently grappling its way up the charts is “Let Me Down Easy,” a sexy and smooth jam that reminds us of the stylings of Chet Faker.  The entire 2015 album is a solid and cohesive piece of work; indeed, it’s so good that it recalls the days when we’d actually pay for CDs and listen to entire albums on repeat.  His sultry and soft voice is enough to turn anyone on.  Max Frost has created some solid jams for all occasions, for both when you feel you have to dance and for when you’re retiring for the evening with a special friend in tow. 

Max Frost is certainly on the rise.  Connoisseurs of fine emerging artists ought to make an effort to see him before he hits our radio waves.  He’s currently touring in Germany, but he’ll be making a return to the west coast of the United States soon.  Check out his tour and pick up “Intoxication;” soon enough, you’ll be hearing his familiar songs everywhere.     

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