Singer-Songwriter ONIQ Wants The World To Know He Is "Not A Toy"

Melbourne based singer-songwriter and producer ONIQ is stunning the music world with the premier of his aesthetically beautiful new music video, "Not A Toy". 

Frazer McBride, otherwise known as ONIQ, is a multi-platform creator, songwriter and pop/experimental artist who focuses primarily on music and film. His music is high energy and accompanied by psychedelic visual representations, most of which he creates himself. As his music continues to take shape and progress, we are realizing that there are not many things this man can’t do.

Upon speaking to the British native in the heart of St. Kilda Beach, I discovered the premise of the song was based off the singer’s unwillingness to be held down or be treated like a toy; easily influenced and disposable. ONIQ chose to portray his message in an abstract and creative way, using symbolism and dance to support a much greater message; we are all humans, and deserve to be treated with respect.

The video opens up with ONIQ tied to a chair and a masked man walking menacingly behind him, followed by an intense instrumental and ONIQ’s articulate rapping style. Next we see just how diverse the singer can be when the video incorporates a three person dance number, ONIQ killing the routine in the middle flanked by two leather clad women. The choreography becomes even more demanding with an instrumental break towards the end of the song, using hand techniques and sharp movements that are perfectly in time.

The ending leaves the viewer/listener pondering what exactly has happened, creating grounds for open discussion and interpretation. Don’t worry, we won’t spoil it. You are just going to have to watch.

Between the singer’s dancing, production, powerful vocals and gift of visual beauty, we definitely recommend keeping an eye out for him. (The alluring white-blonde hair and accent aren’t too bad either.) 

Two thumbs up!

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