Six Rappers Who Shouted-Out Donald Trump In Rap Lyrics And Probably Wish They Hadn’t Now


Hey, remember that time we had a real president? His name was Barack and he was well-spoken and charismatic and as much as people talked shit because that is what people do, the man did a fine job of keeping this world afloat and making us all feel safe in it. Well, those days are gone. Orange is the new black, and I am pretty sure it (it being our new president) is borderline mentally disabled (we do NOT use the word retarded in relation to Trump, this is an insult to all special needs people who are MUCH higher functioning than him). The man is a racist, sexist bigot who can’t get an erection unless he knows he is ruining someone’s day (or life, really). 

But you know what’s funny in an Alanis Morrisette Ironic kind of way? Most of these rappers who are stepping up and condemning this man now for being the piece of racist, corn-filled feces he is, shouted him out in rap lyrics in songs before. Name dropping Trump in hip-hop was a way to communicate to anyone you are touting about your financial success.

Problem is, in this case, they were shouting out a man who would go on to be a racist AF president, and a shout-out could VERY MUCH be seen as an endorsement. 

How much you want to bet these rappers on this list wish they could erase these Trump lines from their musical history?

Determined by Kendrick Lamar

Ah man, what the f*ck Kendrick? This was back in 2009, this is the kind of shit he probably overheard that helped inflate his already massive go.

The Line:

“Homies on the block can say whatever they want, I don’t want to be a dealer, I wanna be a Trump---Donald that is.” 

Well, that sucks. Kendrick is the man, I expected more from him. Just kidding. Name dropping Trump was kinda like weed for awhile. All rappers were doing it.

Incarcerated Scarfaces by Raekwon

Nothing but love for Raekwon, obviously. An icon in the industry (like many on this list), but he takes it to another level by not only shouting the Donald out but he goes so far as to call himself the Black Trump, which we all know is an oxymoron because Trump is racist as f*ck.

The Line:

“Poisonous sting which thumps up and acts chumps, Rae’s a heavy generator, guess who’s the black Trump?”

I’m assuming it’s you, Rae. You are the black Trump in mention? I wouldn’t admit that out loud too much anymore. Just a suggestion.

Racks on Racks by Lil’ Wayne

We all know Lil’ Wayne is not a real rapper, but it felt apropos to at least add some of his mental dribble to the list, as HE seems to think he is the best of all time.

The Line:

“Get money like Donald Trump, double barrel on that pump”.

Wow, yeah man, powerful stuff. Moving on….

Can I Live by Cypress Hill

I have to admit, I love me some 90’s Cypress Hill. The constant stoner rap was a niche, but with their distinct vocal styles and catchy hooks, they tapped into something that worked for them. Then they name dropped Trump in 2001 and we haven't heard from them since (kidding, kind of).

The Line:

“We tryin’ to get money so we living like Trump, you can’t slap that cuz you fall into a slump”.

Not even sure I know what that means, but okay, I believe you guys, though you seem to be in more of a slump than us right now.

Off the Corner by Meek Mill Featuring Rick Ross

I wonder if Donald Trump works like Voldemort. Meaning, when each one of these rappers on this list shouted him out, did it only make him stronger? Are THEY to blame for this tragic outcome? 

No, but that was fun to pretend for a second.

The Line:

“Going Donald Trump numbers on that corner, I made a million on that corner”.

Well, who knew you could sell corners for so much money? I gotta look into that, I ain't making shit.

So Appalled by Kanye West

It’s not a REAL hip hop list if Kanye isn’t on it (being real this time), but at least with Kanye’s example, it almost seems as if he is taking a shot at Trump, too, which is a refreshing change from the rest of the list.

The Line:

“I’m so appalled, Spalding ball, Balding Trump taking dollars from ya’ll”.

Like I said, at least he takes a little shit on him, too. For that reason alone we should end the list right hair. 

Sorry, right here. 

I was thinking about dude’s camel-hair wig.