Skuzii's Notes... Part 1

Track one: Half Past/Hellbound 

Moving into 102 Frissell Street has, to this day, been one of my most humbling experiences. In all honesty, haven't shared this fact publicly, I had been evicted from my previous apartment due to unforeseen circumstances and the only place that would take me was Frissell. This time in my life taught me humility, due to the fact that I got comfortable making so much money when I lost it all I was stuck, yet, learned how to be happy quickly. I took my circumstances and made my crib a venue for myself and the finesse band and a business to make money out of. This song was inspired when myself and @mynamebryan were practing and an addict walked up to the door and knocked asking for somebody who wasn't there(happened multiple times) they complimented us on the sound while looking around the house and I told Loronta to close the door. It made me realize our location. Not only that but I thought who was this person before they were looking for a high knocking on our door. Somebody who we would have drove past and called "crazy." Maybe if they had a family they would be in rehab or therapy but since they lived in Hampton we call them crazy or a crackhead. I thought to myself that could be me if I made another small mistake and indulged in the wrong substance. Picture by @dloc

Track two: Mari's Song (@zerotolerancee )

Mari is my little nigga, I love her and she makes me proud and she's gonna do some dope things musically. I told her about my life previously and she had a whole song about it in no time.

At any rate... There was a time when I allowed myself to pity myself and that was the most dangerous time. 2014 started off very difficult. I was out of school with no money, involved in not so legal ways of making money, combined with cooking chicken wings at Wingzone and delivering. I wasn't really rapping and was barely trying to get back into school, even though every other phrase was "I'm about to get back into school 🙄"My parents were talking about splitting and my dad dropped all my bills on me the same time I lost all my sources of income and told me he didn't think I was his son and was requesting a DNA test, I cried while I was in the seat next to him, still drunk off gin from turning up with @uhitsveronica and @hi.tukes and meeting @courttt_freelivin for the first time when he looked at me and told me I had no reason to be upset. So instead of looking for a way out I kept myself in and I allowed myself to wallow in grief and pity and drink cheap liquor every chance I get. This photo is a representation of that time.

Before I had the awareness to look into myself and correct my thoughts, I was a sloth and a parasite. I lived on couches of friends and floors and with the woman I loved at that time, and while I appreciate every single person who loved me when I didn't love myself(especially my sister @veroluces ) certain things had to reveal themselves to me so I could break this habit of going absolutely nowhere. 📷 @dloc  #infinitevibesfromthelandsoffinesse 🐙

Part 2 coming soon...

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