Stream "678", the Debut EP by Atlanta Based Artist and Producer LVNASA

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Atlanta based artist and producer, LVNASA, is a new ambitious artist and creator who began self-producing material after initially being unable to find original and compelling music. The self-made musician and composer has garnered an unmistakable impression and presence with a varied and exploratory approach to Hip-Hop.

“678”, LVNASA’s debut EP examines personal perception, human affixation, and the artist's own place in a world seemingly overcome with pretension. LVNASA ranges on compassion to vexation with an express look into interpersonal relationships and the inner understanding. The relaxed tonality and thorough lyricism through which LVNASA delivers allows her to conceive a unique style, while enriching the present-day narrative. Combining cadence and melody, LVNASA is of a different variety. In a new era of contemporary to urban alternative originators, LVNASA penetrates each aspect of the composition with instinct and arrangement. LVNASA (pronounced LUV-NASA) comes from a place of knowing yourself, as well as expressing your own experience without fear or self-reproach.

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We’re stoked to be able to share LVNASA’s incredibly DOPE self-written and produced debut EP with you, and we’re sure that you’ll enjoy it just as much as we have. Listen to “678” below, stream and share it on Bandcamp, and connect with LVNASA on her website and social media. Also, be sure to check out our exclusive Q&A with LVNASA dropping very soon.

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