Stream Agency's Latest Album "Philosophies"

Agency - Philosophies.jpg

Agency's attitude is grounded in music, having said, "you will learn more through the stories presented in the song. We cover the human experience... a wealth of material shedding light on our loves, our regrets, our hopes, and our fears."

With the true follow-up to debut album (Identity) already recorded and ready for release before Agency recorded "RESIST" (a critically acclaimed project addressing the utter turmoil and social upheaval in the US political climate/presidency), Agency decided to immediately jump start off that energy and keep the new creativity flowing with "Philosophies". The act felt like exploring a more playful side of themselves and thus created this album focusing on life and love and relationships, further expanding its musical palette incorporating more funk, soul, pop and even jazz elements. "Key Tracks Tension" was the first peek into the new album, a tribal house workout that evokes playfulness but still has elements of social upheaval in its lyrics. "Joyride" is a straight up Prince funk jam. "Damn 2" is a reggae influenced love song which has become immensely popular on the act’s Soundcloud page.  

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