Stream Benny Bassett's Second EP Entitled "Words For Yesterday"

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The second EP release from acoustic rocker Benny Bassett is a collection of variations on this theme “Words for Yesterday”. Each song, presents a different scenario where the actor, maybe the artist himself, is lamenting the inability to say what needed to be said. Whether it is a fleeting chance at love in “From You”, or the gut-wrenching apology in “Window to Forever”, Bassett attempts to illuminate the process of recovering from inaction.

Regarding the new EP, Bassett says,

This record is about a collection of moments where we either wish we had taken the opportunity to act, or where we try to act, but the moment has passed, or the intended audience has moved on”, says Bassett. What he found through the time leading up to the creation of this album, is that “you start to doubt yourself, and your ability to live in the moment as a genuine being ... you relive this quintessential life moment over and over, and try to chase down what you should have done. It can be self-defeating, depressing, and ultimately it can take a long time to realize your opportunity is gone.”

Bassett adds:

"My first EP was full of hope, as I launched my solo career on the heels of the success of my band. But 200,000 miles on the road, devastating loss of personal relationships, and personal betrayal, and ultimately finding a new love and new home, all led to this record."

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Listen to “Word for Yesterday right now below, and be sure to connect with Benny Bassett on his website and social media.

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