Stream "Cold Coffee and Half Smoked Cigarettes", the Debut EP by Twisted Oak

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Matt Batory is a 22 year old singer, songwriter and producer from West Milford, New Jersey who goes by the name of Twisted Oak. His main style of music is acoustic singing/songwriting, however has plans to create work that spans over many different genres and writing styles. Twisted Oak's main goal in music is to create music that people can connect to, as well as expose the talents of those around him. Each song written or produced is a story on its own, but plays a role in a larger picture which is his life.

Twisted Oak has released his first EP - "Cold Coffee and Half Smoked Cigarettes" - with the recording, mixing and mastering done by Jeffrey Frey. In his own words about the release, Twisted Oak says,

"...this album means everything to me. It's the first step I'm taking as far as a public direction for my music. These songs are ones that symbolize huge moments in my life. Being able to express those moments in a way that I am proud of is one of the best feelings I've ever had. All I ever want to do with music is make an experience that people feel more so than listen to."

“Cold Coffee and Half Smoked Cigarettes,” is a story about moving on from vices. Both cold coffee and half smoked cigarettes are what would be left behind if someone had decided to rid themselves of physical addictions such as caffeine and nicotine. This imagery symbolizes the remnants of who that person was, but not what they've become. In the case of the story of the album, we see love as the central vice. Love can build someone up and break someone down, but the most important part of being in love is realizing that it is not ours to have. When we cling to a possessive love, we let it take over us. This album explores different aspects of this learning.”

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If you’re a fan of Ed Sheeran, Damien Rice, Joe Brooks, or Jason Mraz then you’ll love Twisted Oak’s new EP “Cold Coffee and Half Smoke Cigarettes”, so listen to it right now below and stream it on your preferred streaming service. Also, connect with Twisted Oak on his social media.

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