Stream "Dirty Laundry", the New EP by Toronto Based Pop Singer Kayla Diamond

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Kayla Diamond wants to talk about heartbreak. Not heartbreak in a selective way. She wants to air the complexities of loving and leaving a person, of missing and aching while leaning into freedom. She wants the catharsis of figuratively digging her fingernails into her skin and feeling a sharp pain with relief soon to come after. Kayla Diamond wants to air some dirty laundry.

The Toronto born and bred pop singer has just released her EP, “Dirty Laundry”, a dark pop record that hums and buzzes as it propels one to dance. “My last album was more upbeat pop, more major chords. Happier and depressing. This one is more attitude. Kind of like ‘I miss you but fuck you,’” Diamond says with a laugh.

What “Dirty Laundry” has are buoyant pop hits that serve to mean something more; to be something more. Pop music’s greatest trick is making floor-thumping bangers that are secretly about the most heart-aching human experiences. “Dirty Laundry” is a pop Trojan Horse. Come for the hits, stay for the revelations.

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