Stream/Download Hazzardd's New Release "Inside Out" Right Now

Hazzardd music.jpg

London based teenage emo-rap artist Hazzardd just dropped his new project "Inside Out" and we have it ready for you to listen to right now. This release comprises of eight tracks, one of which being "Let Me Interlude", featuring Billybee, that was featured on DCWS a few weeks ago. Another track that has our full attention is the soulful "Every Day Sunday", featuring Flxtch!; this one is reminiscent of a mid-90s Common or ATCQ song in the best way possible. We wish there was more Hip-Hop music like this in wide circulation getting press. 

We highly recommend you stream Hazzardd's latest project ASAP and be sure to support him by purchasing it and following him on his social media streams. Also, share with your friends who love that real Hip-Hop. 

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