Stream Galapaghost's New Album "Sootie"


"Sootie" is the latest release from the solo artist/producer and indie music visionary Galapaghost. It marks a more full departure into electronic music, in contrast with his prior indie/folk focus. It's hard to pin him down, but, like a Daymon Albarn, Hayden or Beck, he's not the kind of artist you'd want to pin down.

A visceral release, "Sootie" has personal meaning for Casey Chandler (Galapaghost):

"I wrote, recorded and mixed Sootie entirely by myself over a two month period in the beginning of 2018. Only having a $600 budget for the album, I recorded the whole album at home with very little equipment. This album is much different than any of my previous albums because it is entirely electronic (besides a few songs with real bass). I really wanted to feel like an amateur and explore a brand new style that I could get lost in, but at the same time have a blast creating. I had always wanted to make an electronic album, so I bought a used Roland GAIA synth back in January and composed all of these songs using only that keyboard. Using sampled drums, I created drum loops in GarageBand, typically layering multiple drum loops on top of each other and distorting them, which gave the drums a rougher feel. That childlike feeling of discovering something new and beautiful was definitely the same type of feeling that I had while I was writing and recording these songs. Sootie was my childhood nickname given to me by my Dad, and a lot of the songs on this album are about childhood."


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