Stream "Goat Life Vol. 1", the New Album by Los Angeles Duo Young Goats


Los Angeles based Hip-Hop duo Young Goats has dropped their new project entitled "Goat Life Vol. 1". With this new release, the Young Goats blend together a range of newer and old school styles, mixing up radio hip-hop/pop beats with a late night dance club vibe. Young Goats offers up a unique collection of tunes that have a broad range of different eras from 90s-2000s hip-hop and modern dance music alike, with songs like “Only Need You” with it's dancehall beats and melody hooks that might remind you of Drake, to other tracks such as "Whole Snack" that is more reminiscent of a tune from a classic hip-hop record like Big Boi's Speakerboxxx.

Young Goats album.jpg

The songs also have an 'island' theme recurring throughout the whole of “Goat Life” which really gives the overall feel of the album like you’re hanging out at a dance party on the beach with palm trees swaying in the background. With tons of carefully layered vocals, bass hooks and articulate rapping along with a well executed production, this record is a guaranteed hit at your backyard cookout this summer.

"This Tape is a Summer tape with lot of pop and dancehall songs with hip hop too. We use a variety of beats from EDM, Dancehall, to even House, as well as regular Hip-Hop or Pop beats. This tape is for people to listen to and have fun with while also having meaning behind the songs."

Fans of Drake, Charlie Black, Big Sean, and Tory Lanez will definitely enjoy Young Goats, so listen to "Goat Life Vol. 1" right now and connect with the duo on their social media.

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