Stream "Hear Me Paint", the New Album by Atlanta Based Artist/Producer CASH

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CASH was born in New York, in a place called Valhalla, not too far from the city of White Plains. He fell in love with H.E.R. (Hip-Hop) around the age of seven, and that’s when he found his niche. Back and forth from Yonkers to Atlanta, he eventually moved to Atlanta for good at age ten. With a small boom box given to him on his birthday during his early years, he would sneak his mother’s cassette tapes; Brand Nubian, Heavy D, KRS-One and The Notorious B.I.G. were just a few of the tapes he would listen to.

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Learning day by day, with the knowledge that these emcees delivered, CASH found his swag and by age twelve he was untouchable, amazing anyone who heard him spit a rhyme. From then on, he would write all day and all night in order to perfect the craft of being an ill lyricist. At age fifteen, his mind was set that he was going to be one of the best, if not, the best.

This laidback, but yet very talented individual definitely has an ear for good music. His style and manner of lyricism is so unique. In addition to rapping, CASH is also a producer and singer-songwriter. You really never know what to expect from him, but one thing you can guarantee is that it will be hot. CASH is definitely the future; jump aboard now. Do not let the humility, serene voice and baby face fool you. When CASH spits, even the deaf and the blind have to stop, look, and listen. When you refer to CASH, he wants you to remember these three words…”I MAKE MUSIC!!!

Then again, CASH doesn’t just make music; he makes DOPE music and proof of this is evident in his newly released 14-track album entitled “Hear Me Paint”. In his own words about the project, CASH says, “As an art lover, I’ve noticed that there’s not much difference between a painter and I, we just use different canvases. With this project, I plan to bridge the small gap between art and music. Art is not what the artist sees, but what we make others see. With music, one can only feel and hear, hence the title of my album, Hear Me Paint. Listeners will get a glimpse into my art gallery. After all, music is art, I am an artist...Hear Me Paint”.

Fans of Kanye West, Drake, and J Cole will love “Hear Me Paint”, so listen to it below right now and be sure to connect with CASH on his social media. Also, stay tuned in to DCWS because we’ll be sharing our exclusive interview with CASH as well as our in-depth review of the “Hear Me Paint” album very soon!

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