Stream "#HeroMusic", the Superhero Influenced Project by Producer Madden Miles

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From sample chopping, melodic curating, orchestral composing, and boom bap, Mark Valdez is Madden Miles. Born and raised in Racine, WI Madden Miles started tinkering into music around the age of 16. Madden Miles began writing rhymes and emceeing until he decided it be more fit to create his own production to better match what he was trying to say. After digesting the likes of J Dilla, Pete Rock, RZA, and many other notables at that time, production became the preferred method of curation.

After years of crafting a style that was a chip from his most influenced producers, Madden Miles was confident enough to start producing for other emcee’s and artists and began releasing a series of beat tapes that ran through a partnership with a popular east coast blog team called “The Mad Bloggers”. His first major release, The Candace Bailey beat tape was met with positive reviews and feedback from other fellow bloggers and peers. While looking to keep momentum, he followed up with the popular, more musically driven, and experimental “Kate Upton Beat Tape”. With each release more needed confidence continued to grow and Madden Miles suddenly started to realize a potential and growth opportunity.

While having an appetite for even more, Madden began searching for vocalists and emcees to collaborate with for a project that had yet to bear a name. The concept came from scoring music scenes with orchestral hip-hop production.

10 tracks later, a project entitled “#HeroMusic” was born and several frequent collaborators and friends were made. The project is a cohesive blend of progressive, pop synth, melodic, orchestral, boom bap, and epic scale. Like watching a film on screen is how the album blends in the ears of the listener. It was Madden’s first ever project where he arranged, mixed, produced, and engineered.

“#HeroMusic” opened to the highest praise he’d yet received on a project to date. All of his releases to date chronologically you can hear and feel the growth. Knowing now what he’s capable of, and now everyone else, he’s still not close to satisfied. Madden Miles will continue climbing, learning, and leading a new wave of production for years to come and set a new standard for a new generation once his mark is left.

He is currently working on a follow up to “#HeroMusic” entitled “#VillainMusic”, lending production to his frequent collaborators (Keno, Born I Music, Alida LaCosse, and hopefully soon more Amber Ruthe (from Sleeplust fame) as well as a new untitled beat tape that will go back to his sampling roots.


Listen to “HeroMusic” below and connect him Madden on his social media. Also, stay tuned to DCWS because our exclusive interview with Madden is coming very soon.

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