Stream "LLNOTCOOLJ", the New Mixtape by Reno, NV Rapper Lightweight Literate

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Hip-Hop artist Lightweight Literate was born and raised in the suburbs of a small town called Yuba City, CA. Lightweight’s music reflects a “silver spoon” upbringing contrary to the average rapper. Many artists pride themselves on the struggle, but Lightweight finds pride in the support of his loving family and fans.

Lightweight Literate primarily delivers melodic choruses and aggressive verses. It is evident with each new track he is constantly striving to improve his craft and expand his fan base. Lightweight appears to have a continuing trend of paying homage to his heroes with each project name.

In 2018, Lightweight Literate dropped his debut mixtape “BLONDJAMESBOND” and only four months later he released his newest mixtape “WHITEWILLSMITH”. You can hear the artist’s growth in the short time between projects.

Around the same time, he released a side project, part one of “STORY”. In “STORY”, Lightweight raps from the perspective of successful individuals in society who came up from nothing (Neil Peart, Edgar Allen Poe, Walt Disney).


Now Lightweight is back with his third full length mixtape “LLNOTCOOLJ”, which he dropped on last Friday. Multiple collaborations with artists like Ozer, Yourmomlikesmymusic, Dorian Whyte, etc., and different styles with each song prove that this is his most diverse project to date.

Listen to “LLNOTCOOLJ” below, share it with all your friends who love DOPE music, and connect with Lightweight on his social media.

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