Stream Megan McDuffee's New Album "Hostile Takeover"

Megan McDuffee music.png

Dripping with atmosphere, “Hostile Takeover” is the newest release from award-winning composer and vocalist Megan McDuffee. A hazy blend of pumping beats, gritty textures, pulsing drums, and dreamy synths color the album. One cannot help envision a seedy dystopian future run by mega-corporations. Pure cyberpunk tinged with retro 80's soundtrack vibes.

“Hostile Takeover” was composed, produced, and mixed by Megan McDuffee (and mastered by synthwave enigma Pylot).


If you're tired of waiting for the upcoming game Cyberpunk 2077, or love all things Blade Runner, Turbo Kid, or Stranger Things, this synthwave album is for you! Listen to “Hostile Takeover” right now and be sure to connect with Megan McDuffee on her website and social media. Also, check out our exclusive interview with this talented composer and vocalist!

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