Stream "Nocturnal Signal", the New Album by Electronic Artist Jeads

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You might find Jeads hiking on a trail in the Pacific Northwest with his field recorder in hand, he will likely be trying to capture the sounds of rustling ferns or leaves falling on moss-covered tree trunks. An accomplished musician who studied classical and jazz guitar extensively, Jeads found electronic music, sound design, field recordings, and natural soundscapes as a new medium. Jeads moved to the forest outside of Bellingham, Washington several years ago. The new location provided a fresh source of inspiration and a kind of quiet that allowed for the sounds of the forest to bubble up through his music. His compositions often integrate field recordings with unique homemade sample-based instruments in a musical take on electronic downtempo or idm music genres. His musical phrasing is rooted in jazz and cross-pollinates the electronic music with harmonic complexity to produce a unique sound.

His latest release, “Nocturnal Signal”, is made up of songs written in the night. The title track was written in a dream he had many years ago. Some of the tracks are made up entirely of sounds from field recordings taken in the forest along with Jeads’ sample-based instruments.

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“Nocturnal Signal” is one part of three albums. The other two parts are a solo acoustic guitar album that draws more on jazz and classical but still retains Jeads’ unique stylistic approach and an album where the sound design and field recordings lead the way. Nocturnal Signal mixes those two sides of inspiration into one sonic mosaic.

"This release is the sound of me finding my musical identity in electronic music using field recordings and sound design. I went wide, trying a number of different techniques but ended up settling in on a couple that worked best for my craft. You can read more about it on my blog here My next release in September 2019 will be me going deep with one single set of field recordings taken after a large snow storm in Bellingham along with a sample-based instrument I made from a music box."

Stream “Nocturnal Signal” right now and connect with Jeads on his website and social media.

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