Stream "Pat Knox", the Self-Titled Debut EP by Los Angeles Based Artist Pat Knox

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When Los Angeles based rapper Pat Knox was 19 he started to act on his love for lyrics by writing verses and rapping them to his close friends. When Pat saw their reactions, he realized it was worth pursuing. One of them had already been making beats on his own for a while, and once they put two together, it was on.

Pat went on to graduate with a B.A. in Music Production and eventually landed his dream, what he considers, “Masters course;” working for David Paich, the founder of Toto. His grandfather was an engineer for the band for many years and won a Grammy with them in 1982. Pat believes working to keep his grandfathers’ legacy alive while pursuing his own path as an artist is his greatest blessing. The time he spent with them taught him life-long lessons and continues to this day.

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The collection of songs on Pat’s self-titled EP “Pat Knox” are a musical story line of the past few years in his life. He created them based off personal experience as the foundation, combined with intricate production. Cross pollinating Hip-Hop, RnB, and Rock influences to form a fresh style that features lyricism and musicality creates a vibe that sits in the pocket of the mainstream, while jumping out tactically to help keep the genre evolving.

The “Pat Knox” EP is comprised of six tracks and features Connor Bush (long time friend) on production, Zak Lloyd on keyboards ("Bet Not" and "Fake Wings") and Weston Wilson on guitar ("Lotus" and "Living In Color"). Listen to it below and stay close to DCWS because we’ve got an exclusive interview and in-depth review of the EP coming very soon. Also, be sure to connect with Pat on his website and social media!

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