Stream "Pipedream", the New EP by Portland Based Rock Trio Shotski

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Shotski is a Portland based rock band comprised of Clark Phillips (Guitar/Vocals), Brandon Graviet (Bass/Vocals), and Conner Smick (Drums). The band has had two releases since its formation; the November 2018 release, “West Beach”, and the newly released, “Pipedream”, which was recorded and mixed by Cam Spies of Night Heron at the Trash Treasury, and mastered by Calvin Erdal.

“West Beach” had the vibe of a surf rock EP, whereas the band has looked to push their sound in a different direction with “Pipedream”. While retaining an influence of the surf vibe with songs like “S.O.L.”, the band has looked to broaden their sound experimenting with vocal harmonies and concepts not present on “West Beach”. The band, however, has tried and succeeding in retaining the PNW spirit.

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Listen to “Pipedream” right now below, stream it on Spotify, connect with the band on their website and social media, and stay close to DCWS because our exclusive interview and in-depth review of the EP are both coming very soon!

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