Stream Scarlet Monk's New Album "Bajki"

Scarlet Monk - Bajki album.jpg

DCWS recently featured the music video "Short Film” by Las Vegas based vocalist, songwriter, producer, performance artist and dancer Scarlet Monk and now we’ve got her just released second solo album “Bajki” ready for you to stream and share.

The overall vibe of “Bajki” (pronounced Bye-Kee) is ambient and moody. On the album, chill house vibes dance with Scarlett's jazzy vocals over kicked up eclectic world beats.

Tracks like “Sincerely Scarlet” and “No Doubt” show off Scarlet’s vocal range and ability yet while her light silky riffs over dark chords appear to be her signature sound, there are some variants. On the track “Get It Together”, pop meets trip-hop and on the title track “Bajki”, she plays the background vocally as rappers Rita J and Dee Jackson tell their stories.

The following and last track “Bajki-Your Story” is simply the instrumental along with Scarlet’s vocals giving the listener an opportunity to tell their own story which is not only engaging, it is of course very dope.

Speaking of “telling their own story”, with the download of the album (which in Polish means “fairytales”) you get the bonus track “Bajki (Your Story)” on which you can tell the world more about your journey. THERE WILL BE ONE “AUDIO” AND ONE “VISUAL/VIDEO” winner! Each winner will receive $500 cash. For more information about how to submit, click here -

Do yourself a favor and stream Scarlet’s very DOPE new album “Bajki” right now, share it, and enter the contest to tell your story.

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