Stream "Snow", the New EP by Finnish Indie Alternative Pop Artist GEA

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GEA, a unique and mystical storyteller...

GEA sounds like a nordic folk saga delivered with modern electro-acoustic production and fairy-like vocals. Behind her unique nordic sound is the fact that her music falls into multiple categories, such as EDM, Art Pop, Indie Pop, Folk-pop, Dream Pop etc. Her angelic voice is healing and soothing, making the listener feel like coming home. Her music comes from very beautiful place - a place of peace and unity. She makes you forget your worries and brings you light.

GEA is an adept lyricist, owing to her gifted talent of mystical storytelling, she uses her melodious voice to capture the heart. All the songs are written by GEA herself. The artist’s unique vision and innate ability to fuse acoustic and electronic musical worlds together creates completely new sonic experiences.

GEA has just dropped a five song EP entitled “Snow”, which follows the release of her single “Time” at last month’s SXSW. In her own words about the project, GEA says,

I wrote the title song Snow after getting to know Agnes Obel's music. Her music exploded in my heart into millions of beams of energy, making me want to improve as a songwriter. That led me to my piano, to write Snow. I have never watched the series Game of Thrones. But when I started to ask feedback about this song, everyone said that it should be in it. It is part of the story. Following the light of Agnes Obel, I was apparently led to drink from the same spring of inspiration as the writers of the series. It is also unplanned coincidence that we are releasing this EP at the same time as GOT's final season is airing.

This EP is also influenced a lot by a death of a friend. A young boy, who at the age of three told to his mom that he has come to this world to be a snow angel. During a tragic December night he died on the first snow at age of thirteen, next to my home. I wrote the song In Memoriam to honor his life. I cried at the studio when we recorded it and it still brings tears into my eyes. I hope this song brings comfort to endless sorrow of his parents and friends, everyone who knew him.

In addition to this, my goal with this EP was to show that I have grown, learnt and develop as a songwriter, producer and artist. I completed it with much more confidence than my debut album. I'm grateful that I got to work with amazing group of musicians and producers perfecting and improving my ideas further. I'm proud of what we created together. I have already written my next album and can't wait to start to produce it. I write all the songs only by channeling. I am extremely grateful that the universe lets me be a channel for its messages.

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