Stream "Szn Escobar", the Self-Titled EP by Atlanta Rapper Szn Escobar

Szn Escobar music.jpg

Szn Escobar is a 19 year old, Atlanta based rapper who has been rapping since he was 16 but just now started taking it seriously in November of last year with the release of "On Moms” featuring Zay Laurent. This talented emcee sets himself apart from other rap artists by actively searching for a new sound and also dabbles in production.

In January, Szn Escobar began working on his self-titled EP, “Szn Escobar”, which was entirely written and mixed by himself. Fast forward a few months and the recently released EP includes five tracks, features Zay Laurent, and has gained over 100,000 streams over major streaming platforms already.

Szn Escobar EP.jpg

Szn Esobar plans to release more singles and an album before 2019 ends, but in the meantime, listen to “Szn Escobar” right now and be sure to connect with him on IG. Also, stay close to DCWS because our exclusive Q&A with Szn Escobar is coming soon!

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