Stream Temporary Hero's New Album "You're About To Have Your Hands Full"

The blending of genres, the beats of contemporary pop and electronic music, and the prowess of an artist reaching for new levels in every creative endeavor, Temporary Hero is an artist's artist. Starting out making underground club records like Ballet remixed by legendary Andre Lodemann, the artist pushed his craft into contemporary dance music territory after forging his way into the top 20 Billboard club chart with WILDJOY featuring Jason Walker.

From there he visited a cross-genre platform focusing on current and futuristic pop music with first full LP "Sunset People" featuring the MTV hit “Circus.” The pop and dance circuit is just the tip of the iceberg for this artist, however. He has covered Sinatra and Bing, Chet Baker and then covered 1/2 of Fleetwood Mac’s polarizing TUSK album to critical acclaim.

For this new collection, Temporary Hero cites the influence of William Orbit (most notable in the Orbit/Madonna-esque feel of “Happy Around Me”) and other electronic artists like him that were able to blend the esoteric with the world of pop. There is neither a throwback sound nor a truly contemporary style on here, yet echoes of both worlds exist (the snares, the synths, the acoustic instruments), again illustrating the drive for this artist to explore all types of sounds, everything AND the kitchen sink! Not wanting to completely abandon covers (yet also not wanting to be defined by them), the artist treads on delicate territory of covering Nirvana (gasp!) on a very electrified version of DUMB. Lyrically, the artist states the album was the product of a darker period in his life, wrought from heartache and world-weariness, two facets of the human experience that influence countless numbers of artists.

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