Stream "Ten Years of Solitude", the New Album by Alya

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Alya's music has been labeled by critics as electronic, indie rock, pop, and more as it has begun to pick up steam, but the truth lies somewhere undenable between it all. She is an adept innovator of sound, writing and performing songs that feel like a cinematic blend of styles and influences. This, in itself, serves her eclectic background. Born in Russia, Alya Michelson is now based in Los Angeles, where she has deemed her largely experimental sound from her wide-ranging travelogue, being a classically-trained singer and ballet dancer, performance artist, painter, and multi linguist.

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Alya has recently released a new album entitled "Ten Years of Solitude", which is currently nominated for 'Best Album' in the electronica category for the 2019 IMA's. Stream “Ten Years of Solitude” below and connect with this multi-talented artist on her social media and website.

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