Stream Velly Marsh's New Album "Dark Matter"

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Fresh to DCWS is the new album “Dark Matter” by Sacramento rap artist Velly Marsh. This talented emcee cites Ab-Soul, J.Cole, Immortal Technique, 50 Cent, E-40 and Snoop Dogg as his biggest influences but after listening to “Dark Matter”, it is clear that Velly Marsh stands above as his own artist, with his own vision.

“Dark Matter” features a collaboration with the well known and respected LA based emcee, Gavlyn, and production from P.SOUL, Dran Fresh, & Timeless Era Beats. In Velly Marsh’s own words about the project,

“The album is inspired by the material in space known as dark matter. It is the energy that makes up the universe, accounting for 96%. The observable universe and everything we've ever seen and know only accounts for 4%. This heavily influenced the album because I feel the listener is getting the 96% of myself I keep private and behind closed doors”.

Ride out to Velly Marsh’s new album “Dark Matter” below and be sure to connect with him on his social media. Also, stay tuned because we’ll be sharing both our review of the album and our exclusive interview with this Sacramento based stand out very soon!

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