Stream the Debut EP "STRIDES episode 1" by Indianapolis Hip Hop/Soul Artist Marsiell


“STRIDES episode 1”, is the extremely exciting debut from Indianapolis artist, Marsiell. Littered with shoutouts to his influences across television and music, this project is not only and introduction to Marsiell’s style as a musician, but also the things that make up this real life individual as a person that listeners can connect to beyond music. These traits working together paint a full picture of this creator that demands to be seen, not for superficial fame, but for the chances to be remembered and live a life free from daily struggle.

With polished production both familiar and fresh, the beats keep the project moving while also allowing Marsiell to show off his varied approaches to songs in ways that make sure we never tire of the young artist. With all of these things working for the project, the truly best one is that past everything, this is a project meant to live long after it’s release. Something that will grow with listeners and can be re-visited as time changes circumstances and allows the tracks to be seen a whole new light.

A fan first, Marsiell was inspired to create music from his own enjoyment of what those before him left for listeners. This was the driving force behind the crafting of “STRIDES episode 1”, as Marsiell delivers regular references to his favorite television shows and music artists of the 90’s (including Bone Thugs and Harmony, TLC, Kenan and Kel and the overarching nod to All That). This connection to the things that shaped him as a person are important for Marsiell to share with his audience to make sure they truly understand his point of view.

Keeping it personal is the shining quality of the project overall and every track feels like yet another extension of the person that put it all together, adding layer after layer to the listening experience that should be cherished by all who click play.

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